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The interior of the office is a showcase of the company and in its structure and form should follow the organization, emphasize its identity, adopted goals and company values. The benefits of a company and employee designed in relation to the needs foster the efficiency and creativity of work.

A well-organized office stimulates the employee’s activity and readiness, personalization strengthens the emotional bond with the workplace, group and organization.

Providing a diverse form of work from isolation in individual work to group work in a shared space allows you to adapt the personalized needs of the employee and the individual team, encourages various forms of conversation, discussion, brainstorming and relaxation in spontaneously formed groups. In the new office, it is becoming increasingly important to provide flexible and easily reorganized space due to the rapid development of companies. The most important thing is to ensure proper conditions in terms of ergonomics, light, sound and climate.

Stages of work on an office interior design

1. introduction

The company’s needs should be taken into account when designing office interiors. Therefore, the first step to start work on the interior design of the office is to learn the specifics of the company’s operations and organization of work at every level. A detailed analysis carried out through a survey among the bosses and all employees allows to set project guidelines in terms of the functionality, character and appearance of the office.

2. concept

Based on the survey, we prepare a conceptual design consisting of a projection of the functional layout of individual rooms and computer visualizations presenting the appearance of the office. We consult each stage with the investor until both parties are satisfied.

3. executive

Based on the accepted conceptual design, we carry out the executive design. We make executive drawings for carpenters (custom-made furniture manufacturers), finishing team, water and sewage points, lighting points and sockets, recuperation points, ventilation and air conditioning (according to industry guidelines); we choose finishing materials with the quantity and place of the order.

We work with many interior finishing companies that we can recommend.

4. author’s supervision

During the project, we supervise the consistency of implementation in relation to the project. We consult activities with the investor.

What makes us different from other design offices?

We specialize in office interior designs. Dr Agnieszka Mierzwa – main designer, is the author of scientific studies:

Designing offices in the aspect of personalization and unification of space, Individualisation of the workplace in the design of office interiors.

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